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Since 1908

Berdine’s Five and Dime has been in continuous operation in Harrisville, West Virginia since 1908. Today we continue our celebration of simpler times gone by when shopping was fun like a visit with good friends. Our family, the Six family, has been the owners of Berdine’s since purchasing it from Fred W. Berdine in 1983. When we acquired it, efforts to modernize and “compete” with newer and chain stores had led to decline.

We removed much of the modernization: out went fluorescent lights, flower power bright plastic contact paper hiding older, darker solid oak counters came off, and the classic bins and price labels on the bins were dug out and put back in use. The electric cash register went as did many other “improvements.” Time rolled backward.

shoppers looking through store inventory

From Our Family to Yours

Originally it was brothers Dean and “Bub” Six who purchased the store. In the years since, their mother, Eleanor, has become active in operations. At various times, so has everyone in the family including the now-grown grandchildren, Samantha and Rob.

Friends that Become Family

The store manager Karen Harper began working for Fred Berdine upon completing high school. When the Six’s acquired the store a few short years later Karen remained- Thank goodness.

Karen has often been the person most customers and visitors associate with the face of the store. Her easy people skills, light hearted chatter and real ability to connect with folks have made many visitors feel like they are family. She even exchanges Christmas cards and notes with several families and sometimes their now grown children.

store manager Karen Harper

Also on the Berdine’s help staff is Janet Bogen, Mary Margarette Smith and at times friends and family of us all!

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